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Our Process

We know it can be intimidating working with home service companies, which is why we go out of our way to put you at ease while building your trust from the first time we meet.

Our focus is to address your questions and provide the most rewarding garage/gate repair or installation experience possible.

How it works and what to expect

Below rough outline of our process from start to finish:

  1. Contact us to request your free project evaluation and quote.
  2. We will provide an on-site consultation, discuss your repair or installation requirements and submit a no-obligation project estimate.
  3. For repairs, we’ll most likely start right away, and for installations we’ll schedule a start date
  4. Our technicians will show up promptly on the day and time frame we’re scheduled to begin service
  5. We will quickly and efficiently complete the project while exceeding your expectations
  6. Payment arrangements are made per our agreement

Reach out to us and start your project today.

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