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Broken Springs in Kirkland


“What’s so special about garage door springs?” you may wonder. Well, without them you might as well not have a garage door for your Kirkland, WA property. Springs make the whole garage door function possible. There are many types of springs, including extension springs, torsion springs and side springs.

Each work in harmony to make a garage door open and close flawlessly. If even one is weak, it upsets the whole process. Who do you call when this happens? Global Garage Gate, of course.

Our experts have all the knowledge of:

  • Garage door spring repair or replacement
  • All types of garage door springs
  • How to get your door working like new again

It doesn’t matter what type of spring your garage door has – we replace and repair them all. From torsion springs, extension springs to side springs; they’re no problem for our guys in Kirkland.

Garage Door Spring Repair Kirkland


Garage door springs don’t always have to be replaced. Many times they can be repaired. They may have just come unhooked, which is an easy fix. We can repair most types of springs in the blink of an eye!

We can even get that door to open or close even if a spring is broken or unhooked. Call us so we can come to your home or business in Kirkland to determine what the problem is.

We offer:

  • Free inspection
  • Free estimates
  • A guarantee on all our work

Are we the best at what we do? Without a doubt! Our garage door spring repair is rivaled by no other company in the area and we are proud of that fact.

Kirkland Garage Door Spring Replacement


You may have just realized that you need a garage door spring replacement. Does this mean that the cost is going to deplete your budget? Not at all. Replacing side springs or garage door extension springs is a whole lot less expensive than replacing the whole door!

Just call our team in Kirkland for an estimate and you will be quite surprised at the low cost.

From there, we will explain:

  • How we go about installing torsion springs
  • They types of springs we have available
  • The cost for the project

Don’t waste your time or money calling anyone else. We do it all! Garage doors are our business and we know everything about them.

Global Garage Gate is our name, and the number to call is 206-953-3470. We are proud to serve Kirkland and all surrounding areas.