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Broken Springs in Edmonds


Normally, people don’t give much thought to the garage door springs on their overhead garage door. There will probably come a time when those garage door springs need repair of some sort, however.

Luckily, living in Edmonds, WA means you have the experts at Global Garage Gate to come to your assistance if something happens to your garage door.

We can come to your home or business and:

  • Adjust the tension on the springs
  • Examine them for damage
  • Replace them if need be

Edmonds homeowners should not try to fix these things alone! You could endanger yourself or others if these springs should break. Call the experts for an inspection of torsion or extension garage door springs.

We always charge affordable prices so you never have to worry about being able to afford the help you need.

Garage Door Spring Repair Edmonds


The big springs that control the movement on an overhead door are under a lot of tension and should only be examined by someone who is very knowledgeable about them. Garage door spring repair is very tricky and they should only be repaired or tightened by a garage spring expert.

We have been doing this in Edmonds for years and know exactly how to:

  • Open a garage door that has broken springs
  • Adjust the tension of the extension and side springs
  • Replace the existing springs

When dealing with a spring that has a huge amount of tension on it, always call a specialist. That door is extremely heavy and can cause harm to you or damage to your property should it fall.

Edmonds Garage Door Spring Replacement


Does your garage door look crooked or lopsided when it goes up or down on your Edmonds property or business location? If so, you probably need a garage door spring replacement. One or more of these big springs may be broken.

Call us anytime for a free inspection. This is what we specialize in, and we can come to your home or business and:

  • Replace any garage door extension spring
  • Fix or replace garage door side springs
  • Explain the various garage door springs to you

If you can’t open your garage door and all other problems have been ruled out, you probably need a garage door spring replacement. Call us to get fast, reliable service from the garage spring pros.

Global Garage Gate is located close to Edmonds and can be reached any time for garage door spring repair. Call us at 206-953-3470.