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New Garage Doors in Carnation


With years of experience and a team of factory-trained technicians, you can trust us to for a garage door installation that will meet all specifications required to ensure that your family is safely protected, or that your business structure is secure and the safety of your employees is maximized.

Whether you are involved in a building project in Carnation, or you need a replacement, we can handle the entire project from helping you choose the best style to meeting exacting specifications by our technicians to ensure:

  • A combination of reliability and maximum visual effect
  • Security and safety
  • Efficient and quiet operation
  • Superior thermal efficiency and climate control

Let us know all about your needs, and we will review all available options to find the perfect fit at an unbeatable value and a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. Call today for a free estimate!

Garage Door Replacement Carnation


We are proud to serve both residential and commercial customers in the Carnation area with garage door replacement services. If you have reached a point where your system is beyond repair, replacement may be a wise investment.

You can call for our factory-trained technicians to diagnose the current problems and conditions no matter what model or make you have. They will make a fair and honest assessment of the condition and review potential options with you.

In the event of repeated failure, such as a door that remains partially open, or one that is stuck in a closed position and releases at the wrong time, you may be facing personal injury or damaged inventory. These are a few benefits provided by a timely garage door replacement:

  • Security for your business employees or family members
  • Safety
  • Reduced repair and labor costs
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Improved market value of your residential or commercial structure
  • Convenience

With safety and security at the forefront, we stand ready to assist you with a timely process of selection of the right system through completion of the project. We understand the need to avoid further inconvenience and business slow down. Call today for a free and honest estimate!

Carnation New Garage Door


We carry a broad selection of designs made by some of the finest manufacturers for residents and commercial business owners in the Carnation area, knowing that full satisfaction rarely comes from a one-size-fits-all option.

Whether your priorities for a new garage door are centered on complementing the architectural style of your home, or as a commercial business owner focusing on efficiency and high security performance, you deserve aesthetics, function, safety features and protection, and the finest quality from a trusted company.

Our specialists can offer assistance with:

  • Residential materials: wood, fiberglass, vinyl or composite
  • Residential styles: recessed, flush or raised panel, carriage house, custom
  • Residential types: roll-up, swing up, swing out or slide to the side
  • Commercial types: sectional ribbed steel, advanced sectional, high-speed,loading dock, fire rolling steel coiling, and more
  • Automatic openers and control systems

Call Global Garage Gate to discuss your needs. We can accommodate your needs for a garage door in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and types at an unbeatable value!206-953-3470