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Must See Bellevue Shopping Destinations

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Shop till you drop at these top Bellevue shopping destinations.

Going shopping shouldn’t feel like a chore. Even if you have to pick up a few things, you’ll want to spend some extra time browsing the racks. After all, retail therapy is also good for the soul.

Those living in or visiting Bellevue will be happy to learn that there are more than enough places to spend your extra cash. You’ll find everything you need—and then some at one of the famous shopping centers.

Bellevue Square

As one of the most popular malls in the city, Bellevue Square is a staple for residents. It’s marketed as one of the best, most sought-after shopping centers in the country. Inside, you’ll find more than 200 brands.

Be sure you leave early so that you have plenty of time to window shop. With so many stores inside, you’ll want to return frequently.

Lincoln Square

This innovative space combines several retail shops with many fine dining options. As part of the Bellevue Collection, you’ll find that every detail is spectacular. This shopping center is designed to look like a resort once you’re inside. Even though you’re there to spend money, you’ll want to relax too.

After a long day of browsing, be sure to visit one of the top-rated restaurants for a bite to eat. The building is also home to offices, a hotel, and residential units.

Bellevue Place

Connected to the Hyatt Hotel, Bellevue Place provides a high-end shopping experience for seasoned buyers. If you like to browse luxury boutiques, this is the place for you. Get personalized service from some of the most popular boutiques in the region. Several upscale offices and fancy restaurants also share the space.

The Shops at Bravern

The biggest names in fashion can be found at the Shops at Bravern. Feel free to browse selections from high-end designers, including Gucci, Tory Burch, and Prada. This market is the place to be if you want to live like the rich and famous for a day.

All tenants want to make customers feel welcome, so you’re sure to have a memorable shopping experience when you window shop here. The shopping center is a must for Bellevue residents who love designer fashion.

Crossroads Bellevue

For a completely different experience, do your shopping at Crossroads Bellevue. Inside, you’ll find an eclectic assortment of specialty shops, from home goods to video games. It’s the perfect place for teens to hang out on the weekend. With a variety of affordable stores, it’s also a great shopping center for buying gifts during the holiday season.

If you get hungry along the way, you must stop by the food court. There are over two dozen restaurants for guests to enjoy. After all, no one should shop on an empty stomach.

Factoria Village

Located right next to the T-Mobile headquarters, Factoria Village is a well-known shopping center that has continuously evolved over the years. While parking is plentiful, try to avoid looking for a spot during the lunch hour. The food court gets packed during this time.

Inside, you’ll find a nice assortment of big brands and lesser known brands. No matter your budget, you’ll be able to buy something fun at this Bellevue shopping center.

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